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How to Download Videos from YouTube on Android Devices

How to download YouTube videos on Android devices

If you are a big fan of watching videos online from YouTube as well as from the other video streaming websites. But also, you are concerned about the Internet usage while watching them online. Then how about saving the videos offline and to watch it later? Is it even possible? Of course, it is possible. Easily, you can download the videos on your Android device and can watch them at any time without draining your Internet data.

But, there is one trouble in doing so. Online video streaming websites like YouTube neither allow any download of videos nor have any option to save it. Now, the question is how can you download your desired music and videos? Well, there is a perfect solution. By using the Videoder application, you can download or save music and videos of your choice. Therefore, this application is the best tool with many comprehensive features which allows downloads of media right on your Android device.

Why use Videoder Application for Downloading Videos on Android Devices

Once you have installed Videoder on your android device then you do not need any other tool for downloading videos. Therefore, to download videos from website like YouTube on your android device, this application will suffice your requirement. The ease in functionality and the latest feature of the application lets you stream and download countless videos at free of cost.

Although Videoder is new in the video downloading market, but within a short period of time, it has won millions of heart. Moreover, the application has many unique features which set it apart from other similar applications in the market. There are many things that this app offers to its users. In addition, not only it offers the facility of downloading videos but also help them to download videos in high quality.

Videoder for its users removes all the hurdles of downloading YouTube videos on your Android device. Further, it is an application with the easiest interface to operate that allows smooth download of videos on your android on the go.

What is the key Features about Videoder Video Downloader App

There are several things about the app, however, it is not possible to mention all the features in here. Thus, given below are a few key features of the Videoder application which will give you an overview. They are as follows:

  • Preview videos:
    Easily, you can preview any video by looking at the download options. It is an amazing feature as it gives you a short view of some part of the video. Moreover, this makes sure that you are are not downloading any inappropriate or irrelevant video or content.
  • Numerous Resolution:
    Using this app, you can download videos from YouTube on your Android devices in various formats. Thus, without any problem, it allows a download of high-quality videos. So, as per your android device, you can download resolution quality of videos from Ultra HD to the lowest one.
  • Multiple Downloads:
    To begin the next download, you do not need to wait for the first download to finish. Without any problem, you can start another download by adding it in a queue. Hence, at the same time period, you can download multiple videos.
  • Direct Download:
    Without a help of a third-party video converter, you can directly a pure audio file from the YouTube videos. Because it has an inbuilt converter to convert the formats quickly and easily.

The above stated are a few examples of the features. Videoder provides, even, more features like unlimited video download. That too without any restriction of a website for downloading and much more.

Instructions for Downloading Videos from YouTube on your Android Devices

Given below are the simple steps for downloading your favorite videos from YouTube directly on your android device. So, you only need to follow the understated steps:

  • First and foremost, open YouTube in the Videoder application.
  • Search and Select: Now, search for the name of the music or video you desire for downloading. You can filter the search and then can choose one of your choices to download.
  • Download Icon: After selecting the video, you can click on the either red or green arrow icon for downloading.
  • Download or Play: In here, you can a choice either to download the media file or to play it online. Choose one, as per your convenience. Once you select to download then you need to choose the resolution.
  • Set Location and Number of threads: you need to select the location where the media will get a download along with the number of threads.
  • Finally, your video will start downloading.