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How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos

How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos

Instagram is the world’s most popular platform for sharing photos and videos. Further, Millions of users use this amazing platform for uploading tens of millions of photos and sharing to each other. This app consists of all the smart features which help you enjoy this amazing platform. You can “like” or bookmark any picture which you can access any time later. But the downside here is that there is no download button that you can use to download photos on your mobile devices or PC

You may have several reasons for downloading a photo such as you have accidentally deleted the original copy of a photo of your special vacation and loved memories. But the only copy of the picture that you have is the one that you posted to Instagram. So, if there is any photo that you really love and don’t want to lose than definitely you’ll try your best to get the photo back. But how can you get a photo from Instagram when there is no download button.

If there’s no download button, then it doesn’t mean that can’t get any Instagram video or pic. Well you can download Instagram photos and videos with the help of Videoder app. This is the app which thoroughly helps you getting your important Instagram photos and videos easily without any issue.

Why choose Videoder to Download Instagram Videos and Photos

Videoder is the smart app through which you can download your important videos and photos easily. Further, with advance features and easy functionality this app offers you smart tool for getting back all your videos and photos from Instagram by downloading it. In addition, with this app you are not only able to download videos and photos from Instagram but also you can download videos from YouTube. And from other videos sources in high quality.

It may happen that some important photos you may have accidently deleted and now want to retrieve such videos and photos from Instagram as it the only copy you have left. But due to unavailability of a download button you can’t directly download photos from Instagram. So, in that case you can use Videoder to download Instagram photos and videos. Hence this way you can get back your lost pictures.

Procedure to Download Instagram Photos and Videos using Videoder

By using Videoder app you can download videos from Instagram. Videoder is a useful android app which help you stream and download music & videos absolutely free. Below are the steps to download videos from Instagram using Videoder:

  • First tap the options icon:

Open Instagram then tap the options icon of the video you want to download.

  • Next select ‘copy share url’ option:

Now from the menu select ‘copy share url’ option.

  • Tap download button:

Once a prompt appears then tap download button.

  • Select video quality:

Now choose the resolution that you want.

  • Choose download location:

Choose the location where you want to store the download.

  • Now download begins:

Now tap download and your download will start.

So, using the method above you can download Instagram videos on your mobile devices and PC. The app is the easiest way to download videos and music free from all popular video platforms. So, install the app on your mobile devices or computer system then enjoy unlimited video downloading.